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Norm Ebenstein is a life long advocate of peace. When he was a child, his father was a World War II bombardier that fought in Operation Market Sword. During the war, his father lived and died in Nazi-occupied London. He fought in Burma and even on assignment in the Pacific during WWII. Norm’s childhood home was destroyed in an air raid. After the war, Norman moved to Britain, where he became a salesman for a plumbing company.

Norm Ebenstein  Best Things in Life

Norman went on to start his own plumbing company. Although it wasn’t a huge success, he learned that there were business opportunities in the British public sector. He decided to go after the public transport business, which to him seemed to be a pipe dream. It took him nine years but he established British Gas, British Rail, British Electricity, British Gas’ along with numerous other successful companies. In fact, British Gas is one of the largest utility companies in the world today.

Norman then went into politics as an MP representing Tatton in Devon. He was an outspoken critic of the iron curtain that separated England and the rest of Europe, along with Winston Churchill and the British Commonwealth. Although he lost his seat in a by-elections, he retained his seat on the board of directors of British Petroleum (BP). After that, he went on to become the Conservative party’s leader.

Norman Ebenstein – Best Things in Life aren’t just about the best things in life, though. They’re also about learning from life. Norm became a leader who demanded respect from those around him. He also continually learned lessons from others, both good and bad. As such, he was able to build up his business and leadership career. He was also able to make the most of his own life experiences and apply them to his public service.

Norman Ebenstein – Best Things in Life are also about the courage required to try new things. Leadership is not always a sure bet. It’s not about following orders. Leadership is about taking charge, even if you’re the only one at the command level.

Norm Ebenstein – Best Things in Life aren’t just about the best things in life. They’re also about how you handle the ups and downs of life. Because of this, Norm earned a reputation as a “people person.” He often came across as very humble and sincere despite being one of the best leaders of all time.

Norm Ebenstein – Best Things in Life aren’t just about the best things in life. They’re also about how you deal with setbacks and failures. There’s a certain way of handling life that if you don’t have, you better get it. Norm Ebenstein learned these lessons in his life and he applied them to his public service.

If you’re looking for an American story that resonates with you – apart from the fact that it’s topical, you should definitely read this book. You’ll find insights into what it takes to be a good leader and how you can apply these lessons to your own life. Even if you’ve never been an effective leader, I guarantee you that you’ll learn a thing or two from Norm Ebenstein. And that’s saying something.

One of the best things about Norm Ebenstein is that he was able to balance his personal life with his public service. He didn’t let his personal life get in the way of his work. When there were problems at work, he had the strength of character to address them head-on and continue working until they were solved. While working on his book, he realized that he wanted to write more but didn’t want to put it off because it would mean taking a bit of time away from his loved ones.

Norm Ebenstein – Best Things in Life includes testimonials from several people who agree with what Norm has to say about leadership and how you can develop it into a habit. Included in the book are Norm’s own actions as well as those of other people he has worked with. He wants you to realize that leaders aren’t born, they’re made.

This is a quick read, but one that can help you look at your life and your career in a new way. Don’t spend too much time focusing on what isn’t working. Focus more on what is working and use your time wisely. As Norm Ebenstein states, the best things in life are free.