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Western Canada is Canada’s fastest growing and most popular railway tour destination. When you choose a train trip to Banff, or you can also take trips to Vancouver, Kelowna, and Yellowknife. Western Canada rail tours bring you through scenic mountain passes, spectacular wild life sanctuaries, historic mining areas, and beautiful forests. You will see why this area has been named among the top ten destinations in the world. When you are on a train trip to Canada, you will see many beautiful sites, including the ever majestic Victoria Falls. Here are some things that you need to know about Western Canada rail tours.

Western Canada rail tour
Canadian Rockies trip

There are many train operators in western Canada offering a train trip to Canada. However, not all of them offer the same quality service. Some train providers can’t provide enough days in Canada and can fill up fast. This means if you booked a return trip, or another part of your vacation plans, you might have to wait for more than a year before you can return. A better option would be to look for a Canadian train operator that can provide you with more days in Canada, and at a faster turnaround time.

One of the best parts about a train in western Canada is the amazing views of the mountains, cities, and forests. When you are on a tour, you will get the chance to see some of the most incredible views in all of Canada. One of the best ways to see these views is by taking a train trip to Canada. You can see Vancouver and the BC Ferries along the Sky Train. You will also see some of the most spectacular views of the Rockies in Jasper and Banff. In fact, the last remaining ferry runs to Prince Rupert on the Yukon, so it will be easy for you to reach your vacation spot.

If you want to experience something truly unique, there is no other trip that will top the train trips to The Pasley Glacier in British Colombia. For the first time ever, you will be able to cruise along the Pacific Crest, and experience firsthand the impressive glaciers that feed the crevasse. As you cruise along the glacier, you will see the many faces of the mountain from above. These include, snow-capped peaks, crystal clear streams, and lush vegetation.

Another fantastic train ride in western Canada is the one way trip from Edmonton to Grande Prairie. This is a one way trip, and you will arrive in Grande Prairie just as you did when you left Edmonton. You will experience both stunning visuals, and Canadian culture. You can stay in a local hotel while you are here and take advantage of all the hiking, boating, and wildlife-watching opportunities that abound in northern Canada.

One way to combine your train riding with a vacation is to take a train ride to Whiteman’s Pass, and then hike up to the grandiose and spectacular White Pass. The views from this viewpoint are spectacular, and you will definitely want to stop at the viewpoints on your way up to the pass. On your return trip, you will take a scenic cruise back down the railway line and will see beautiful scenery along the way. Your total train & western can also include a visit to Fort Calgary, which is still a world-famous spot for shooting guns over the Canadian sky (by law, of course! ).

An excursion train trip to Thunder Bay, on the Canadian Pacific Railway, is a trip you do not want to miss. One way to view this trip is to pay a visit to the Canadian Pacific’s new High Speed Railway, which runs between Invermere and Portage, B.C., and Willows, Alberta. With an economy class ticket, and the ability to purchase a suite at the Days Inn at Sunshine Village, you will have the opportunity to witness the actual train operating between the Canadian and United States tracks. This is a unique trip that is sure to delight both train lovers and enthusiasts.

For people who would like to go on a West coast Canadian railway trip, you might want to check out a Canadian Pacific sleeper train. These trains offer guests the chance to come along for the ride, stopping in various places along the way. You will be able to enjoy all the sights and activities that the passing train can offer you. And at night, you will get to see the beauty of the sleeping village glowing in the dark. No matter what your interests, a West coast Canadian rail tour is sure to please, whether it is an Alaskan fishing trip, or a Great Canadian West tour.