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The Company Leader’s Notebook is a small book but contains everything you would expect from a Company Leader Manual. If you are a Company Leader or looking to become one, you will find much you need in this book. A Company Leader Manual is basically a handbook that teaches you how to be a successful Company Leader. Often times the Company Leaders of the past overlooked many important issues that greatly affected the Company and caused them great hardship. By reading this book, you will have learned what these leaders did to get themselves into this situation.

This Company Leader – Norman Ebenstein manual talks about leadership behaviors. It talks about how you should relate with your employees. It gives you ideas on what you should be doing when the sun is shining and the snow is melting off of the snow caps. In addition, this company guide teaches you what you should not do to your employees as a company leader. Here is a short list of things that this book will tell you not to do as a company leader:

a. Do not give up on your leadership ambitions at any time. All Company Leaders are human. We all make mistakes. Don’t hold yourself back from learning and growing from your mistakes.

b. Do not allow your leadership to be questioned by your team. Be confident and proud of who you are as a leader. If you believe in what you are doing, your team will also believe in you and will look forward to working with you.

c. Do not “Babe” Your Team. You might think it is cute to bark at your team and tell them that they are the best. But in essence, you are not helping them grow and develop. Instead, you are hurting them because you are diminishing their self-confidence.

d. Do not put your entire team on the spot. Some Company Leaders seem to do this all the time. They ask their team to perform a task and if they don’t comply they are told to fire themselves or be terminated. Companies have lost millions of dollars because of the lackadaisical attitude of their leaders. So if you are a leader at a company, don’t lose your integrity by having these conversations with your team.

e. Don’t waste everyone’s time. Everyone is busy. Don’t waste their time with nonsense. Make them want to work for you by giving them real and important stuff that they need to know.

He has written a very helpful book. Norman Ebenstein has done an amazing job of outlining many important issues regarding leadership. He also gives you practical tips on how to be a leader and he motivates you to become one. If you are an aspiring leader why not take advantage of what he has to say.

g. Avoid takes vacations. Many Companies are going global and while there are vacations, a lot of time may be taken away from family and friends and the Company. When this happens productivity will suffer and so will morale. Work more in shorter periods of time.

h. Be careful with your subordinates. You don’t want someone who doesn’t follow the crowd to follow you out the door. If someone feels belittled or frustrated they will lash out and might do some things they shouldn’t do. Find out what the problem is and deal with it before it gets out of hand.

There are many people who are afraid to try new things. They feel they can’t learn anything new or be successful doing what they already do. Norman Ebenstein realizes people can learn and he gives you practical tips on how to become successful doing what you love. These tips make you a better leader and he motivates you to become one.

You will need to apply these tips and watch the productivity and morale increase. You will be glad you took the time to read his book. Everyone should read it if for nothing else than their own benefit. You will be happy that you didn’t let life get you down and that you have turned it into a learning opportunity instead.