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A Cross Canada Train Tour is an enjoyable way to see the Canadian Rockies. No matter what your purpose in visiting a train ride through Canada’s provinces is a great way to explore the spectacular mountain ranges, vast forests and abundant wildlife of our country. The Canadian Rockies are a place of natural wonders, spectacular scenery, wildflowers and abundant wildlife. A cross-country train tour is the perfect way to see all that Canada has to offer.

One way to experience the Canadian Rockies is by train. There are tours available from May through October. This is the peak time for train travel in Canada. Most of the train tours depart from Vancouver, British Columbia, and arrive at various points throughout the Canadian Rockies. Depending on the time of year, you can travel by train from Victoria to Jasper, Alberta, and from Calgary to Grande Prairie, Alberta. Your days will be filled with scenery and wildlife viewing.

Cross Canada Train Tour

Another way to see the Canadian Rockies is by automobile. There are four main railway stations in the area. Victoria, British Columbia, is the main station for travellers going west. Jasper, Alberta is the main station going east. Calgary is the only urban centre of the Cross Country Train Tour and offers visitors access to numerous outdoors parks, museums and heritage sites.

The type of accommodation you choose will depend on whether you want to stay close to the train or get away from it. If you’re lucky enough to have a room in a hotel near the tracks, you’ll need to make plans to get there. Most hotels are not equipped to provide lodging for a train cruise so you may need to sleep out in the car or camp out at one of the numerous campsites in the area. Sleeping out in the open is not advisable if you plan to arrive at your destination on time.

Depending on the speed of the train, you may have to travel a long distance. It can take two and three days to travel a quarter of the way up the Trans Canada Trail. If you choose to travel faster, you could make several nights in a row. If you are a fast couple wanting to have a honeymoon trip, the options are endless. Here’s what to do if you’re planning on going to the Westie Trail Railway.

Get your passports and immunizations before you leave. Bring a supply of drinking water to keep from getting dehydrated. Bring a jacket and some warm-up clothing for when you encounter minor road encounters. You’ll also want to bring a foldable blanket to sit on the car seat during the evenings. Consider bringing insect repellent and/or a sun block if you plan to be out for a prolonged period.

Take a Canadian railroad train tour if you want to get a true Canadian experience. There are many train tours available throughout the country. These include the CPR/First Aid School, Alaskan Odyssey, Canadian Pacific, Canadian Western, The Canadian Pacific Limited, The Great Canadian Railway Experience, The Great Northern Railway Journey, Kitpack, The Maritoba Trail, and the Ontario Railway Train Tour. These are just a few of the many available trains.

Cross country travel is one of the best ways to see Canada. It allows you to really get to know the country without spending all of your time within it. It makes travelling back and forth easier as well. When you’re done touring the country, you will still have plenty to do. Many train tours include night tours of cities like Toronto, Kitchener, Thunder Bay, and Ottawa. These are some of the most popular tours that go along with the train travel.