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When you’re in Calgary for business or pleasure, you’ll want to consider a trip on the innovative and wonderful Banff Shuttle. This Canadian-owned company provides both air travel and ground transportation to and within Calgary and its neighbouring communities of Airdie, Banff, and Canmore. You can find their fleet of modern coaches at various sightseeing spots around Calgary. You can even book a trip on one of their exciting buses for a unique travel experience. If you’re travelling with a large group or are travelling for your own personal enjoyment, a Banff bus service may be just what you need.

The most exciting part about travelling aboard a Bus charter is being able to travel at your own pace and for as long as you wish. These comfortable coach buses are available on the ground or air and offer wonderful views of the Rocky Mountains and the Calgary skyline. There are often plenty of places to pull over and grab a snack before you enjoy your time travelling. Some buses even have their very own entertainment system complete with karaoke and DVD player. For those passengers who prefer to be in complete control of their own travel experiences, there is always the ability to hand over the controls to the conductor of the bus.

Banff shuttle

You can start your journey in Banff and take a scenic road trip to the famed Bow River Canyon. Here you’ll see dramatic waterfalls, massive rock formations, and spectacular mountain vistas. You’ll also get an up close and personal view of some of the indigenous wildlife that calls this area home. Throughout the day, you can stop for a photo opportunity with some of the animals that live in and around this area. A number of Banff hotels offer tours of the famous canyon, so if you aren’t able to make it to Calgary for this amazing excursion, it would still be a valuable and treasured memory for you to take home.

The next stop on your Banff to Calgary tour is Mount McConnel, a World Heritage site that is one of the most impressive alpine environments in all of North America. This is an area that is known for its enormous peaks and expansive forests. The Bow River Canyon can be seen from the top of the highest peaks in the region. While you are traveling through this captivating area, you will likely want to stop for a photo opportunity at one of the many photo stops located in the area.

Of course, you can’t leave the fun and climbing to end of the day, so you should consider a guided tour of the many lakes that make up Banff. The Bow River Canyon is not the only interesting thing you will find in this area. In fact, you might find yourself taking an interesting little hike along the river that offers an excellent view of the surrounding scenery. If you enjoy picnics, you will be in for a real treat as you traverse this world renowned landscape. As you tour the various lakes, you will likely come across many different camping grounds and facilities that allow you to set up your own private campsite.

For those who are interested in a little extra adventure, you may want to consider a mountain bike tour of Banff. Banff Shuttle provides tours of the trails in this area to tourists as well as local residents. These tours offer the best of both worlds; you can see the beauty of nature and have the comfort of transportation at the same time. Tour buses will be available to transport you to all of the key sites you wish to visit while you are in Banff. You can choose to tour the entire area or just select two or three of the highlights that interest you the most.