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Douglas Ebenstein was born in Morgantown, West Virginia and graduated in Physics in the University of California, Los Angeles. After college, he worked in Los Angeles as a mechanical engineer for Alcohawk until they bought Boca Raton Estates, an upscale retirement community. Here, Ebenstein served as a marketing consultant for Alcohawk and also did contract work for a contractor. As a result of his extensive experience in sales, he was asked to become the Assistant Manager of Sales for Boca Raton properties when Douglas Steven Ebenstein became the new owner of the successful Ebenstein family-owned real estate brokerage, Boca Raton Real Estate.

Douglas Ebensteins education in economics

What follows is the full life story of one of the nation’s most successful self made millionaires. Douglas Ebenstein’s educational background in business is fascinating and included in this book is some interesting information about his early struggles with getting mortgages and financing, as well as advice on how to manage money and business in general. There is much that is practical and applicable to real estate investing and this book illuminates it in a clear and concise manner. His practical approach helps readers develop a comprehensive plan to ensure their investment pays off.

Douglas Ebenstein is not a mathematical genius, but he has a very keen sense of what makes a profitable real estate investment. He is not a numbers person but rather a person who like to analyze and chart trends. This book provides a clear overview of real estate market trends, as well as personal property investment strategies. Understanding the economics of investments is another part of Ebenstein’s character that comes through in this text. His understanding of the business climate and how it affects investors is impressive and his ability to tie these concepts into the specifics of his own investing strategies is exceptional.

Douglas Ebenstein’s education in economics started at the University of Chicago, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. After graduating, he worked first as an assistant professor at the University of Michigan for two years, covering the areas of economics and statistics. From there, he began a forty-year career as a practicing real estate investor and broker, earning him a MBA from Harvard University. This background puts Ebenstein in a unique position to write about the subject matter in such depth and detail in his book. The breadth and depth of his writing are impressive, as his experience and education both allow him to discuss many important issues in such a way as to get all the facts, figures, and estimates while leaving the reader well-informed and well armed to make sound investment decisions. This is a book that will be a great reference and will serve as a great tool for anyone serious about making solid investments and living the American dream.

Douglas Ebenstein begins the book with a simple explanation of what real estate is and then goes into much greater depth on the topic of how it works, why it works and how to best utilize the system for maximum profit. The key to understanding the real estate market as Ebenstein does is to first understand its working and then break down each of the individual components to understand their effect on the overall process. In other words, his approach isn’t so much about the details as it is about understanding the big picture. And this is an essential quality to remember when reading any book about the real estate market and how it operates. There are a number of complex and minute details that can easily distract an individual but by staying focus on the bigger picture Douglas Ebenstein’s education in economics is sure to leave you with a great deal of knowledge regarding this important and fascinating industry.

With such clarity and detail, Douglas Ebenstein offers sound advice for anyone looking to enter this lucrative field. Even those with no experience in the real estate market can benefit from reading this well-written and very helpful book. After all, the way that the economy and housing market have been behaving recently is not entirely unprecedented. However, the way that things are now being handled by the federal government and the country at large has opened up a whole new phase of competition for those who are looking to make money in the business. Those who are in the know about the economics of the real estate market can feel confident that they will find many gems within this book.

This book is not just another economics book. In fact, the language and style is very conversational, allowing the reader to easily absorb the information and begin to make educated decisions about their own financial affairs. Additionally, the book is very easy to read, even for people who have little or no knowledge of the field. People who take this course with Douglas Ebenstein will learn a lot more about the field than just general business practices, although he will still provide a very useful insight into the subject. If you are someone who is already very familiar with the economics of the real estate market, this book will serve to familiarize you with some of the tricks of the trade.

Those who have little or no understanding of the real estate world will also find much information in this book that will make them more educated about the economic trends that affect the housing market. The language used in the book is very accessible and the reader does not feel like they are being talked down to. The facts and figures used are extremely easy to understand and the reader will not feel overwhelmed by the content. For anyone who is looking to purchase any properties, this economics degree from the University of Utah will be an excellent course to add to your list of college classes.