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The very best way to obtain a Texas apostille birth certificate is through a service provided by the Texas Vital Statistics Office in Houston. The Texas Vital Statistics Office in Houston also services apostille in texas services. Mailing Your Texas Birth Record When you visit the Texas Vital Statistics Office in Houston, you’ll sign an agreement for a free duplicate of your official birth certificate. You, also, the local county clerk’s office, or Texas Vital Statistics office, mail your official Texas birth records to Texas apostille services in Texas. Step 1: Fax Your Texas Baptism and Birth Records to Your Private Service

Step two: Mail Your Texas Baptism and Birth Records to the Texas Vital Statistics Office in Houston, Texas. This can be done either via regular mail or through a registered post (VRN), depending on the state where you live. When you get your official Texas Baptism and birth records, check your records against the list in their database and then mail them to the address given on the request form. For Texas apostille services in Texas, you can also fax your records to them. For this service, you need a VRN or a physical address in Texas. You can also visit the Texas Vital Statistics Office in Houston web site to find out more about this.

texas apostille birth certificate

Mailing Your Texas Baptism Certificate Once you’ve received your certificates, be sure to send a certified stamped envelope with a copy of the front and back of the certificate. Be sure to include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) so your certificate will be returned to you undamaged. If you live in the unincorporated area of Texas, mailing your originals can be a bit trickier, since they will usually be sent as an “undated” document. In this case, you may want to prepare a photocopy of your original birth certification. If you have a state seal or official seal from another jurisdiction, simply attach that to the photocopy.

Be sure to get a return receipt for any documents you mail to the Texas Vital Statistics Office, so you can make sure that they are received by the appropriate personnel. In some cases, especially if you mail it electronically, the certificate may not be delivered to you for several weeks. In this case, call the Texas Vital Statistics Office before you leave to inquire about the status of your package.

Retain Your Certificates When you receive your Texas Baptism and birth records, it’s important that you retain your originals for yourself and your future needs. It may be necessary to take a look at your certificates from time to make sure the information on them is accurate. Even if you send out copies of your originals, you may still receive corrections to the information you reported. If you need to obtain a certified copy, you can go online and request one, but it may be more expensive than having your actual original.

Get a Proof of Membership Ask to see a copy of your proof of membership. This is usually a small card that contains your identification number and may come with an identification card, like your driver’s license. This card should be mailed to you in a sealed envelope. You can then contact the Texas Vital Statistics Office to get your certificate. They may require you to prove that you are a resident of Texas, so they will need your original membership card along with your proof of membership. Ask for your proof of membership and you’ll be good to go.