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Quetzalcoatl tattoos are among the most popular designs amongst tribal enthusiasts. For those who don’t know much about Mexican tribal art, Quetzalcoatl is a legendary bird of the Aztec empire. In fact, it is the only animal that was used in religious ceremonies at Aztec temples. Quetzalcoatl is also known as the Eagle of the Sun, the Birds of the Sun, or even the Son of the Sun.

quetzalcoatl tattoo

When Aztecs discovered that quetzelcoatl has feathers, they found that it was also very strong, so they made it their symbol of power and authority. It is thought that it was the Aztec’s belief that the sun was the symbol of life, and that the eagle would fly around the sky carrying messages to the people.

The most popular color for quetzelcoatl tattoos are the ones that have the bright reds, yellows, oranges, and blues. Of course, you can also have a design that is more subdued with all these colors.

Quetzelcoatl tattoos can be inked on the arm, the shoulder, or even the foot. However, most people who have this type of design usually choose to have it on their leg because it is much easier to hide than the other areas of the body.

Quetzelcoatl is also thought to be a very protective animal, so you might want to consider having this design on your ankle or the back of your ankle. If you get this design, make sure that you take steps to keep the design discreet. Also, you should make sure that if someone else finds out about your tattoo, you won’t let them know about your quetzelcoatl tattoo until after the design is complete. This way you can have it on and show it off, but not be seen.

Another great thing about quetzelcoatl is that you can change the design quite often. You can always have it one color, or you can have a different design every time you want to.

Quetzelcoatl tattoos are also very popular among the Native Americans of the southwest. Many people feel like it represents a spirit of protection and good luck, and many even say that it was used as a talisman.

If you decide that this design is something that you are going to get, don’t hesitate to shop around. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the design is, it will be a mistake if you don’t take your time to find the best design that will fit with your tastes and preferences. Once you find the perfect design for your quetzelcoatl tattoo, you will be proud of it for a long time to come.

You can go online and search for designs, but make sure that you look at different designs before choosing the one that you want. There are several design websites that will allow you to upload your own picture to see what the design looks like and get some ideas from the different tattoo designs that other people have. Also, look around and see that tattoo shops have the quetzelcoatl design you want and take a look at the price that they charge to have it done.

The tattoo artist that will be doing your quetzelcoatl tattoo should have the ability to do it accurately. They should also be able to use the proper needles so that you do not have any trouble later on. Make sure that you are happy with the finished product and that you can trust them when it comes time to pay them.

After you find the tattoo, make sure that you let the tattoo artist know that you are happy with the tattoo that you have chosen. You want to make sure that the person has the skills and tools that you want so that he or she can give you the results that you want. You don’t want a tattoo that will look bad when you finally have to show it off.

When you finally have your new tattoo, be patient and happy with it. When you do finally take the tattoo home and wear it on your body, you will be happy that you decided to get this design.