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So you want to know how to jump higher to dunk. You are not alone, because the question is asked by most basketball players. It’s hard to put in any extra effort, not to mention that the basketball court is small and it’s not easy to maneuver through.

The basketball court is designed in a way that the goal is to get the ball up as high as possible to shoot and dunk. However, there are many rules that require the player to dribble and dunk the ball in between jumps. For this reason, it’s much easier to jump higher, even though this can be accomplished naturally.

If you really want to dunk you can just practice dribbling a basketball a lot and jump whenever you can. But, it takes a long time, and many people don’t have time for this.

That is where plyometrics come into the picture. Plyometrics can help you jump higher by training your muscles. The biggest muscles you need to train are your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. It’s much easier to increase your vertical jump by training these muscle groups.

So you can jump higher by using jump rope, or you can just do some exercises for your quadriceps and hamstrings. You can even try jumping with weights, but weights aren’t advisable as they will only build your upper body. If you use dumbbells, you’ll get an awesome workout, as the weights help you build a stronger lower body.

Another thing you can do to jump higher is to jump as high as you can. This is easier than training your muscles, but it requires a lot of courage. If you really want to learn how to jump higher to dunk, then go ahead and do all the exercises mentioned above.

Just remember that on the basketball court, you don’t have much space to maneuver and you’re not allowed to dribble much. All you have to do is jump as high as you can and as fast as possible. And just remember that there’s no way to increase your vertical jump overnight. It takes time and plenty of practice.

When it comes to jumping exercises, don’t try them alone, as it’s impossible to do it yourself. You need to train with a trainer who can guide you through them properly and give you tips and tricks when you’re still learning how to jump higher to dunk.

Don’t waste your money on videos or other forms of training that just don’t work. Instead, invest in a training program. which will give you everything you need to get the jump training you need and you will never go back.