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If you have an old concrete or cobbled pavement on your street that needs repaving, you may consider hiring a local paving company who specialises in block paving for driveways Bromsgrove. This is a very cost effective option, as long as you are able to choose a paving contractor who can offer you the best value for money.

block paving driveway

Tarmacadam is a leading provider of imprinted concrete driveways, with over 20 years experience in the industry. With a wide range of services from paving a tarmac surface to customised imprinted concrete driveways, Tarmacadam has a range of specialties to meet all your paving requirements.

Tarmacadam concrete driveways are an excellent way to add instant fresh look to your home, especially for large areas where you will benefit from better economies of space; especially for large areas where you might require more expensive economies of scale. Coloured blocks running along the edge of a tarmac driveway add a touch of character, and the distinctive colour and unique mixed textures provide a more distinctive look to the driveway. This type of driveway design provides you with a simple, affordable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete pavements.

Tarmacadam also offers a range of other paving services such as paving driveways that include paving driveways for schools, public gardens and open spaces, parking lots, swimming pools, commercial buildings and commercial garages. The company’s wide range of services make it a very popular choice for paving companies and home owners looking to create a fresh, modern and stylish driveway.

Tarmacadam offer a variety of concrete driveway designs including asphalt and stamped concrete driveways. Driveways can be purchased in either an imprinted or ‘unimprinted’ finish depending on your budget, and most are designed to a specific size so that you get exactly what you want.

Imprinted concrete driveways are ideal for creating a stunning drive, as well as adding character to the street. They are also ideal for those wishing to create a unique and personalised driveway – the imprinted concrete driveway allows you to make a statement about your individual style, while providing an innovative and unique solution for driveway paving.

To give your concrete driveway a professional finish, Tarmacadam can provide a range of finishing products including honed surfaces, epoxy finishes, glosses and textured finishes. These finishing products can provide a professional and polished appearance, ensuring that your driveway remains looking good, even after it has been paved and installed.

Driveways can be further enhanced with imprinted concrete driveways, which provide a completely unique look to the driveway and offer a low-maintenance option. Driveways can be imprinted in any colour or design you wish, including the most common colours used for paving the majority of new driveways.

In order to create the desired effect of imprinted concrete driveways, there are two key steps to take; firstly creating a mould from your chosen colour and secondly using your chosen colour and texture to fill the mould and then stamp the mould into the concrete. Once you have created a mould, the next step involves creating a design using the mould and then stamping the design into the concrete.