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Pressure washing siding isn’t a new prescription to stubborn stains and mud from winter weather exposure. And it does work well on thousands of houses in Madison, WI.

pressure washing siding

But trying to blast the siding with a high-pressure water jet is not necessarily the best thing to do. Pressure washers have been used for years for jobs ranging from cleaning cars to blasting off wood from old logs. Yet most pressure washer owners recommend spraying a light coat of latex on the surface of the home siding before attempting any repairs to keep the siding from getting damaged during the clean-up process.

The reason for this is simple: It’s not as good at removing stains from the siding as applying a latex coating. While pressure washing is very good at removing all kinds of dirt, including mold and mildew, from the siding, it can’t remove all the marks left behind by a latex coating. That’s why you should never spray a heavy coat of latex on your siding if you’re not doing a proper job of cleaning it up afterward.

To do a proper cleaning job on your siding, use a light coat of latex that’s specifically designed for pressure washing siding. Using this type of latex will not only protect your home siding from the chemicals used during a high pressure water jet, it will also give your siding a matte finish that will make it look nice once it’s cleaned. If you choose this method, it’s important to use a water jet that has been certified for working on vinyl.

Some pressure washers may have a special feature that allows them to spray the latex on siding even if they’re using a high pressure water jet. Make sure your siding isn’t one of those that’s made of vinyl before you try this. While it may seem like a good idea on certain types of siding, it won’t be able to withstand the higher pressures necessary for pressure washing.

Pressure washing siding will always leave some stains, no matter what type of siding you’re using. Even the lightest coat of latex will keep the stains from developing into serious problems if it’s not used properly. So the next time you decide to hire a pressure washer to do some house-siding work, take the time to make sure the chemicals used are the right ones for your siding type.