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Dogs can be a great addition to a family or a single person home or even dogs in a small appartment. However, with living in a small apartment or condo, there may be room for more. But our dogs the best pets for a small apartment? Here is why.

Pet Ownership: Pets are “all-in” because they help relieve stress and maintain balance. Therefore, pets are great for stress relief in a small apartment. Because it is so hard to concentrate when under a lot of stress, a pet provides the constant nudge of a positive, reassuring sound to get one back on track.

Dog Grooming: When in an apartment, most dogs need to be bathed more often than their owners. But when owning a dog, this becomes easier because you don’t have to worry about bathing your dog. A dog will not be so likely to soil the carpet or shoes if you have it in the house. Many apartment complexes have local pet services that allow you to have your dog groomed, trained and tested for rabies.

Small Dog Potty Training: Many owners prefer to have the dog used only as a dog for travel or playing. But having a dog in the house means having to teach them where the “sit”down” areas are. While puppies are learning all the time, most owners can wait about two years before moving to a large home with a large apartment.

Smaller Living Space: If your apartment is small, you may be able to squeeze your dog into a room smaller than your living space. This will not only provide the additional room for your dog, but also allows your dog to have a companion when you are not able to be with it. Most dogs enjoy sleeping on couches, so getting a dog crate with an end table can be very convenient.

Dog Proofing: Having a dog at home will reduce the risk of you being burglarized. It is also nice to know that when you put your keys in the car, the dog will bark if the car breaks down.

Health: Since the small pet is going to be outside most of the time, it is important to ensure that your pet has access to adequate water. The dog is going to get wet from running around and playing. It is also important to keep it dry, so that it does not get dehydrated. A dog is good for keeping the water bowl constantly full.

Functionality: Dog houses and dog crates with an end table can help keep the dog comfortable when it is sleeping or sitting. And with the end table, a person can easily open the door and put the dog in the guest room while the guests are away. A large dog crate with an end table also makes it easy to transport the dog when there is no one available to watch it.

Convenience: Since the dog cannot walk all over the apartment, it is easy to keep the dog inside the same room as the human being. The dog will also find it much easier to eliminate in the same place, since the doors are closed and the door is always right there for the dog to use. And it is always a breeze to take the dog out to the kitchen for a bath or a snack.

Functionality: Dog crates with an end table and dog house are simple to clean and easy to move from place to place. They are perfect for the person who wants to be able to carry their dog with them when they go out for dinner, or the person who does not want to leave the pet inside when they attend a party or have a guest over.

Minimal Cleaning: A dog that has access to water and some kind of shelter will not be that much of a hassle to keep clean. There is no carpet cleaning involved. since there are no dirt and moisture to get in the home.

It is important for a dog owner to understand the benefits of having a small pet. And it is important for a new family member to realize the joys of the companionship that they can share.