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Reliant Windows & Doors windows burlington are known for quality and craftsmanship. They are the only manufacturer of windows in the United States that uses original cast iron and forged steel. Their sash styles are handmade by skilled craftsmen in their facility in Burlington, VT. The company has been selling sash styles and door hardware since 1893.

There is a good reason why the Vermont Sash Company has remained a success for so many years. They understand the importance of building relationships with their customers. When you visit their site, you will find it filled with photos and information about their products and services. You can purchase wood handles, vinyl hardware, and sash styles, and get free estimates on the types of installers they use.

You can shop online, or visit their location in Burlington. You can even schedule a custom installation for your replacement windows. You can also request a quote from Reliant Windows & Doors for all your hardware needs. For the most part, they do not charge sales tax.

Of course, I am aware of other companies that offer the same types of products and service. I found Broadway Appliance’s website to be quite impressive. You can get an online order form, and place it online, and the company will take care of the rest. You are free to shop, compare prices, and look at the different installers, by phone, or in person.

While I was in NYC, I toured the two-storey sash that showcases the theatre and theatrical beauty of the Vaudeville Theatre. This was one of the nicest, if not the nicest, store windows I have ever seen. Not to mention that they have different types of hardware available. If you visit theirBurlington website, you can also get a free estimate for your custom installation.

Another company, Black-Mile, offers a wide variety of hardware for their brass knobs, and key chains. For those who enjoy spending a little time off, they offer a full service professional installer with a knowledge of historic houses and architecture. You can also request a free estimate to determine which finish would be best for your home. If you want an oil rubbed bronze or polished steel, they are able to provide it.

These independent contractors offer a vast array of variety for your home. First, they offer a stainless steel control panel. Second, they offer classic installation, while still providing contemporary functionality. You can choose from wood handles, metal, or glass, or select an antique door handle style. The company also offers glass used in the installations.

Reliant Windows  Doors windows burlington

If you live in an older home, Reliant Windows & Doors will provide you with more options than just sash styles and door hardware. They offer a variety of furniture, including a variety of hardwood doors, and hardware that fit into contemporary and vintage styles. Visit their website to get a free estimate for your custom installation.