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Last year, after twenty-one years as a part of the Norman Ebenstein family, I gave up my position as Norman Ebenstein, Eden Center – Capital Commercial Property President and Chairman to return to the private sector. It was time for me to begin my life anew and to “return to the basics” which I believed would give me a fresh perspective on my career.

Because of his tenacity, perseverance, and vision, Norman Ebenstein helped mold and help guide this very small real estate developer, into a true leader in the business. His passion for construction and his entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to see a huge potential in Capital Commercial Properties and he used that belief to build an even bigger and more powerful company. He knew the market, he knew the building process, and he knew how to get the job done. And he did it all with the same relentless determination that helped bring him success.

Mr. Ebenstein never stopped trying to create more and better Capital Commercial Properties. While at Capital Commercial Properties, he was responsible for many exciting projects, including the first ever condominium project in Fort Myers, the office building expansion and construction project in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, the big-time rehab of the Eclipse Grand Plaza Hotel and Casino in Lake Wales, FL, and even the tropical paradise of South Florida known as Biscayne Bay. This list just goes on.

Since retiring, I have spent the last several months reflecting on Norman Ebenstein and his work ethic. I have seen this great entrepreneur’s career grow and evolve with each venture he took on. It seems that each and every time he had a new challenge, he rose to the occasion and worked until he achieved his goal.

Rich in perspective, and hard working, he had a way of cutting through the marketing hype and creating lasting relationships. The more you got to know him, the more you realized that he was one tough cookie!

My biggest “thank you” to Mr. Ebenstein is for everything he taught me. One of the main lessons I learned from him was that you can’t be too careful. That didn’t stop him from putting his career on the line again. It didn’t stop him from making more connections, pushing himself past his comfort zone, and doing whatever it took to get the job done.

Mr. Ebenstein created a special atmosphere within Capital Commercial Properties by making every employee feel important and special. Everyone wanted to work for him because he cared about them, he treated everyone with the same level of respect, and he gave everyone an opportunity to grow.

Mr. Ebenstein knew what it took to push each and every employee beyond their limits. He encouraged his employees to reach for their own personal goals and keep pushing them until they accomplished them.

To achieve the type of results Mr. Ebenstein has achieved at Capital Commercial Properties is difficult to achieve. However, Mr. Ebenstein and the members of his team worked tirelessly and knew what it took to do the job.

When they get a project done, Mr. Ebenstein was always the first to say “great job” and give them a pat on the back. Mr. Ebenstein believed in people and they knew if they wanted a promotion or a raise, they needed to prove themselves and continue to strive for greatness.

When I spoke to former employees at Capital Commercial Properties, they all said that they have a “Norman Ebenstein” -type of personality. They were all outgoing, self-starting, passionate, competitive, and hard working and Mr. Ebenstein gave them a purpose and motivation to do great things.