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Nurturing your mind, body and spirit is something that should be incorporated into any Thai Massage sessions. This form of massage therapy teaches individuals how to live the Thai lifestyle by utilizing their minds, bodies and spirits as part of their every day lives.

It’s important to choose a Absolute Sanctuary Resort when on a trip to Thailand that uses “Jai Tai”. Jai Tai is a revered part of the Thai Massage Therapy method. All massages should also incorporate the insertion of Ginger, Gomutra, or “ga cy” (Bee Pollen).

The introduction of the Bee Pollen and Ginger is used to support the relaxation process of the client and aid in physical recovery. This is a highly soothing method for this particular method of Massage Therapy.

nurturing your mind body and spirit

Once physical relaxation has occurred it’s time to begin the process of slowing down, floating, stretching and breathing. During this process there is the introduction of Yoga Group Meditation which is an excellent form of relaxation and meditation. Once complete it’s time to include in the session a Brazilian Yoga Massage for a full body workout and a Thai Massage that we have mentioned earlier.

The introduction of Bio Impedance Analysis will allow individuals to allow the flow of energy to move through them from their chakras, or energy centers. This Energy is essential for building the mental and physical health of the individual.

After Bio Impedance Analysis, the session will move to the introduction of Bikram Yoga. This helps to create a physical and mental equilibrium that promotes the health of the mind, body and spirit. Individuals are encouraged to choose a Bikram Yoga Resort as they will enjoy a unique combination of high-energy Yoga Classes and Thai Massage toelevate their overall health and well-being.

The introduction of Bikram Yoga will also help individuals to allow their minds to remain calm while the Bikram Yoga Process accelerates their Yoga Retreat. It is important to avoid smoking or eating when attending a Bikram Yoga session so individuals can experience the beneficial effects of the eight-limbed nature of Bikram Yoga.

The introduction of Thai Massage in a Thailand Resort will assist individuals in promoting their health through the use of High Energy Yoga, Thai Massage, and a Bio Impedance Analysis. A good retreat in Thailand will utilize all of these elements to promote overall well-being and health.