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Norm Ebenstein is the author of three books on the retail industry and is also the founder of Capital Commercial Properties Inc. – Norm Ebenstein is a real estate expert, he has done business with many companies and has lived in many places. He has traveled all over the United States and has seen many changes over the years. He has the knowledge to discuss different things that are affecting the industry and to answer questions.

His Business Profile, which he published in the company publication, discusses how he got into the business. He has owned many different businesses over the years and has a great life experience, he had a difficult childhood that caused him to grow up fast. Norm has also dealt with some very hard times when times were hard and he experienced hardships as a child.

In his Business Profile, he states, “I’m not saying my life was particularly trouble-free. But my life has been a lot of fun, too.” This is one aspect of his life that I found very interesting. He talks about going to work, working to make money, working to grow a business, and then finally he talks about going home and sharing his success with his family.

Capital Commercial Properties Inc

Another part of his Business Profile was, “And now I’m happy, too.” He explains, “Having a nice family and building a great business just makes life better.” This is something that will take time for someone to understand, but it is essential for someone to follow.

In the Business Profile, he explains that he was able to buy businesses in places that had to be sold because of economic problems and by himself he was able to buy a business. His business of choice was a store front, so the seller took his business in bankruptcy. Because of this, he was able to buy the store for cheap and maintain the inside and outsides of the store. In the Business Profile, he states, “The two things I love the most in this world are my family and my business.” What makes his business an asset to his family? He says, “If my family was unhappy, I knew my business would be the best thing for me.” He explains that his wife, who is a senior administrator for a local high school, is helping him build his business.

Capital Commercial Properties Inc. has a website that is currently under construction. There is a section on their website where they state that Norm Ebenstein is the president of the corporation. They have an “Executive Vice President” on the web site. In the Corporate section of the website, they say, “Capital Commercial Properties Inc. is a real estate investment and development firm that owns and manages commercial properties in North Florida and beyond.” So they do own and manage commercial properties in North Florida and beyond.

In the Business Profile, he describes the properties as being “…off-street properties in downtown Sarasota”. I wondered what he meant by off-street and why he used the term “off-street”. I also found the term “off-street” to be a little misleading.

I am not an expert in real estate. So I am going to take the liberty of finding out what you think. I would like to know if this is correct. Off-street, meaning on-street or any other place that doesn’t have access to sewer or a road, is a type of property that is on the side of a street or a dead end road.

In the Business Profile, he says, “Those are the locations where I shop, they’re also the best-served locations, because they don’t get water in them. They get cold. “He states that there is an apartment complex on one of his commercial properties and that he purchases the space for restaurants to use. and it is always empty during lunchtime.

The Business Profile continues and states, “But there’s one place that I buy real estate from the year round and that’s in the winter, because that’s when you want the snow to fall.” He uses the term year round because of course that’s what the weather is, but he is correct on this point, when it is really cold outside.