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Rishikesh is one of the most revered destinations in India. The region has a natural beauty, historical richness and serene ambiance. It offers tourists a wide range of experiences that would make them want to return again.

Rishikesh is surrounded by several hill stations like Solang, Panchmahal, Tewari, Mandawa, Manali, Manali and Dharamsala. These hill stations are an ideal location for a yoga vacation. It provides a beautiful view of the countryside and is a perfect place to recharge your batteries after a hectic tour of the city. Amongst the many activities available here, the most popular are water sports.

If you are looking for an opportunity to teach yoga in Rishikesh, there are several opportunities for you to enroll yourself in any of the Rishikesh Yoga Centers or in a Rishikesh Yoga School. Before you begin your work in Rishikesh, you will need to take up some courses like teacher training in yoga. Since Rishikesh is a preferred destination for tourists all over the world, it also attracts many local students from all walks of life who want to hone their yoga skills. Rishikesh teachers take special care to prepare their students so that they can make the most of their experience here.

In order to become a certified Rishikesh Yoga teacher, a student needs to enroll herself in a yoga teacher training Rishikesh program. Here, she will be taught the basics of the practice and gain the necessary knowledge to take care of the everyday problems that students face while practicing the art.

The majority of these training programs in Rishikesh concentrate on teaching the basic Ashtanga yoga and the more advanced Kundalini yoga. There are also some specialized classes for beginners and advanced students. The more extensive the training and certification, the better the chance of getting higher positions in the same yoga school or center.

There are many schools and centers in Rishikesh, all offering different types of yoga. If you are looking for a specific style of yoga, you can ask for an appointment with the teachers to get details of what is offered at each of the centers. It is important to know what yoga teacher training courses you need before you select your training.

For people who are interested in the Kundalini yoga style, there are Krishna Shivali and the Nath Koshya School. At Krishna Shivali, you will learn the Ashtanga yoga and the more complex forms of the Kundalini yoga. These courses are perfect for those who wish to enter into the post-graduate level of yoga.

If you are just starting out, you might want to consider a full-time job first. However, if you have no interest in doing this full-time, the Yoga Teacher Training programs in Rishikesh would be a great way to continue your work at the center in a part-time basis.