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I met The Anatomical Venus – Norm Ebenstein a few months ago at one of my seminars. I was talking to him about men, relationships and women. I don’t know how he ended up there, but he was very well prepared and interesting. He mentioned that he was a father of three girls, but now he’s a father of one.

I talked to him about his blog called The Anatomical Venus, which is very similar to something like Some of his articles are amazing.

He has written articles about dating, dating partners and women dating coeds. One of his blogs, The Anatomical Venus, has become a very popular blogging site. Men and women are so interested in what this man has to say that they have signed up to be a member of his site.

Norm was also in conversation with a guy who also belongs to his forum. I found it quite interesting that a woman would be talking with an old married man, which makes you wonder what he has been up to these days.

He also made a personal connection with another old married man, while speaking to a girl who is going through a divorce. I was curious to hear more about what he knew about that.

Norm Ebenstein was gracious enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about dating partners for women. You can find the answers to most of these questions on his blog.

Norm was so incredibly calm and collected that you would never know he was talking to someone who was going through a divorce. I can’t think of a better man to talk to about women and their relationships.

Norm Ebenstein has had many relationships that have ended in divorce, but none of them bothered him in the least. That seems to tell me that he is able to handle the tough situations without giving in to fear or anger.

What does he tell divorced women? I am very intrigued by the fact that he talks about their experiences on his blog, The Anatomical Venus.

Norm Ebenstein was in the military, a sniper, and a demolition man. He survived an attack from a rocket propelled grenade, and many others, and he knows what it is like to be in a dangerous situation.

This comes from years of personal experience, Norm Ebenstein knows what it is like to live life in a very dangerous situation. He knows what it is like to feel afraid, and he knows what it is like to have a hard time taking a step, but then learn to breathe and take another.

Women just like this should look into dating partners for women, but they should also know that if they are looking for a long term relationship or even a life partner, then this is not the way to go. But if they want to date with the intention of possibly dating for a long time, then yes, they should take the plunge and see if this works for them.