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This was supposed to be a two-part interview on author, author of the Lincoln Assassination cover up, Norman Ebenstein, that was engaged in fraud with regards to his research and the claims he made for his book, “The Secret History of The Kennedys”. Part one will address the question of why he (Norman Ebenstein) still has not been brought to justice? Here are the second half of this two-part interview.

The first part dealt with the question of David Twito, Norm Ebenstein – Retail and Leasing Developer co-author on the JFK murder investigation, being held responsible for an “institutional cover up” of questionable behavior. What remains unclear is what are the consequences of the falsehoods, omissions, misinformation and distortions found in Ebenstein’s book, “The Secret History of The Kennedys.” Now, we will also take a look at the problem of institutional cover ups in Washington D.C.

We will also be exploring the glaring inconsistencies found in Ebenstein’s book, where there are much obfuscation and seeming carelessness with regards to the facts, or rather, blatant misrepresentations of those facts. But then, perhaps more attention needs to be focused upon the political role played by the Kennedys, Kennedy, Nixon, Haldeman, Bob Haldeman, General John Singlaub, the “Deep Throat” operation, the Parkland Memorial Hospital mass murder hoax, and the place that Norman Ebenstein might want to place a prominent place of his own, namely a state-of-the-art home in Northern Virginia. The first two parts of this two-part interview can be read at the following links:

First off, let us examine the assertion of a colleague of mine in regards to Norman Ebenstein that Ebenstein intentionally used false research, as well as misleading statements in order to “shield” himself from allegations of possible misconduct during the Kennedy assassination. Let us take a moment to think about what this means. Is Norman Ebenstein a liar?

This colleague of mine indicated that, while he did not have the ability to read Norman Ebenstein’s mind, that there are other facts and evidences that would indicate otherwise. Apparently, these other factors, if they are considered, would prove that Norman Ebenstein is a liar.

On the other hand, this second writer who has not yet read Ebenstein’s book, indicated that, while Ebenstein certainly might have a challenge convincing us all of his innocence, or even of his actual guilt in regards to the murder of Robert Kennedy, there is no reason to disbelieve him when he suggests that he would not have committed the horrendous crime he has accused Lee Harvey Oswald of having done, had he only been told the truth. Still, this second writer believes that Norman Ebenstein, the author of the JFK and MLK assassination cover-up book, “The Secret History of The Kennedys”, does not have to prove his innocence to his readers, but only to his own detriment. She further states that, once Ebenstein is exonerated, he will then be freed of the guilt he has attributed to others, since he, as a young person, may have been unaware of the nuances of how he, as a Vietnam War veteran, has soiled the name of Robert Kennedy.

The writer refers to Robert Kennedy’s last will and testament which say that Ebenstein’s name shall be stricken from the rolls of honorable dead on the day of his funeral, yet he has not been duly reported, nor did Robert Kennedy state this particular fact. The writer goes on to say that this writer had, in fact, already been informed of this fact before Ebenstein published his book. We will now get into an examination of the statement that she mentions, that she had not been informed of this fact.

Writers’ Writings on Writing are not Truth, but Fiction. Writers’ Writings onWriting are a Contract between the Writer and the Reader. Writers’ Writings on Writing are a Written Statement and Thesis from the Writer to the Reader. We have covered both sides of the argument in the first two parts of this two-part interview with this writer, Norman Ebenstein’s former co-author on the Kennedy assassination investigation.