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Concrete Flooring is not just a necessity but a pleasure to do in many homes. When it comes to flooring projects it is best to stay away from grout and fill material because it will cause damage to the surface of the concrete.

The Grout – If you’re lucky enough to have high-quality grout that will work with your grout injection and doesn’t have bubbles in it you’ll save a lot of time and money. Grout will have a slight rubbery texture to it, which makes it easier to install. As soon as bubbles are noticed, grout will become a hassle to remove. Sometimes replacing grout can even cost more than the concrete itself.

So how can you get a hard level without bubbles? There are a couple of methods to consider. Mudjacking is a very effective process that allows you to give your concrete a good ‘wood-grain’ look that will make your project seems like new again. The only problem with this method is that it can be too aggressive with the concrete. A softer mixture will be more acceptable to most homeowners and contractors.

Injection molding is another popular method that you can use when working with concrete. This is a new process where the concrete is placed in a mold then filled with concrete slurry. The concrete gets inserted into the mold at one end and the other end is left open. This allows the cement slurry to harden on the outside. The process can take a few days or it can take as long as a month.

Mudjacking with polyurethane foam will leave hard, but level surfaces. If you prefer a soft or smooth surface with a ‘tougher’ feel, you can try a mudjacking solution that will give the concrete a tougher feel by introducing polyurethane foam into the mix. Once again this can take several days to do correctly so be prepared to wait a little while.

Both kinds of mudjacking will work, but if you have a hard surface that you need to get a hard level to, you should go with the polyurethane foam option. The rubber and foam fill will provide more grip and hardness to the concrete. Once it cures you will see the difference it will make to your project.

If you choose to stick with grout and fill your project, don’t worry. When it comes to concrete leveling and removing grout, it is best to use a stiff brush or fine sandpaper to remove the existing grout. You’ll notice a difference once the old grout has been removed and it will actually be easier to remove the new grout once it is dry.

Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is not a simple process, but it’s also not something that can be avoided. You can give your project a good job or you can be lazy and let grout and fill damage your project. Just be sure that you are doing your research and if the option is available to choose one of the other methods for leveling.