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With the growing popularity of San Diego party rentals as an alternative to large venue rentals, many San Diego rental companies have created their own range of party rental items. Party rental items in San Diego, are needed for just about any type of party whether it is a wedding, birthday, bar-b-q, corporate, intimate, family, or social gathering. These include chiffonade (hot air balloon), slide (tubed) and trapeze (turntable). These party rental items can be used for whatever kind of event you wish.

Table and chair rental items are used to provide extra seating for special occasions, such as a banquet or birthday celebrations. Table and chair rentals include short, long and mini-barstools.

Table and chair rental items provide safety and comfort for the host, guests, and employees. Most tables and chairs have stools and they are elevated when not in use. Table and chair rentals include extension stools.

Portable screens are perfect for games like Frisbee and can be used as party rentals San Diego. Each Portable Screen provides enough space for two Frisbees. Tables and chairs can be purchased for a party rental cost that is less than $100.

Tent Rentals are an integral part of a large event. Tent Rentals include canopy tents and deluxe tent tents that can hold up to 1500 guests.

Jumper Tent Rentals includes all equipment for rent, including lights, flashers, neon signs, ornaments, bedding, sound system, grills, grill accessories, curtains, linens, table, chairs, shutters, and window coverings. Jumper Tent Rentals can hold between four and eight people, depending on size of tent. Tent Rentals are used for a variety of events, including parties, conventions, weddings, memorials, reunions, corporate events, school fairs, outdoor concerts, festivals, trade shows, and other types of events. Tent Rentals in San Diego include trailer tents, ballroom tents, canopy tents, jungle tents, tent sets, gazebos, tent frame sets, and porta potties.

Party Rentals is an ideal way to avoid the traditional “hanging out”dancing.” Party Rentals allows attendees to relax and enjoy themselves and allow for the more private, intimate experience of the wedding, birthday, bar-b-q or corporate function. Parties can be planned without worrying about money, overhead or the cost of renting a building.