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Juicy Slim is the latest addition to the Juicy Vegetables range of supplements and was recently reviewed on my blog by Dr. Anna Bain, who did an excellent job in her review, summing up the benefits of this supplement for the body and also the benefits of the individual ingredients that help make this one of the most powerful supplements around. You can read her review here!

Dr Anna took this Juicy Slim supplement and then did a twenty-four-hour urine sample that was analyzed by the High Definition Global Analyzer. There were three elements from the analysis that stood out: the first being the extremely high levels of fructose, known to be very toxic to the body; the second being the high levels of fructose content that the body has been trying to remove from our system for years (and which no other supplement addresses); and the third being the fact that there was a quite large amount of propylene glycol content, which is not something that we are used to seeing in the body.

Interestingly, the first element she mentions about fructose, is that it is very toxic to the body, especially when combined with antioxidants such as Glucoronide, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. As you know, Glucoronide is said to be one of the “Big 3” antioxidants. So it seems that our bodies have been trying to eliminate this toxin for many years.

The second element that was highlighted by Dr Anna was the fact that there is quite a high level of fructose and another kind of toxin, known as GLA, in the body. This is actually a “healthy” kind of toxin, which helps keep the immune system running well. However, our bodies need to get rid of this fructose, so that can become a problem.

But, the last element she looked at was the propylene glycol, and what this can do to our body, is cause it to release a lot of enzymes into the bloodstream. These enzymes tend to work on our liver, rather than our kidneys, so that can cause a problem.

I don’t think this is the most obvious benefit of the Juice Slim, because we are often told that this supplement will help us lose weight. But when we look at the contents of this, it seems to me that all it does is create a diet pill. We need to look beyond the high fructose content and go for the fat burning components in this supplement, if we are serious about losing weight.

But there is no doubt that the Juice Slim is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements on the market, because it has been carefully researched, and there is a great deal of evidence to support its claims of promoting weight loss. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this would probably be a good way to start, as it is a very powerful supplement.

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So to sum up: If you want to take a supplement that will help you lose weight, take a Juicy Slim supplement, but if you want to take a supplement that is going to help you lose weight, you need to consider a supplement such as the Juice Slim, because it has been scientifically researched and is backed up by a number of people, including some who have suffered from obesity and lost over eighty pounds using this supplement. You don’t want to rush out and purchase this, because it will give you real results, but you might just want to try it, to see if it’s something that will work for you.