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More homeowners are finding that vinyl flooring is more cost effective and durable, giving them the satisfaction of choosing wood versus vinyl flooring. While wood might have a longer life span and is more flexible, it is simply more expensive.

Wood floors tend to wear out faster than vinyl floor. Wooden floors also tend to absorb moisture quicker, reducing their life span as well. Even if your wood flooring is manufactured in very high-quality wood, it may not be as expensive as the other options available, such as engineered timber flooring or solid wood flooring.

The cost of wood can vary considerably from one region to another, depending on the quality of the wood, its availability, the type of finish applied, and the cost of labor for cutting and setting the wood. A wood installation company will assist you in finding the most affordable option available. Wood flooring usually costs significantly less than any other type of flooring. As long as your home includes natural light and a steady temperature level, a wooden floor will hold up much better than most other types of flooring.

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Wood floors are, in many cases, available in lower amounts than vinyl. Wood prices generally decrease with the increase in supply. Since there is such a large supply of wood in the market, prices are generally reduced over time. If a home is considered to be in good condition, this price reduction can make the difference between having a large amount of money to invest in new flooring and spending less on upgrading to a more cost-effective option.

Solid wood flooring is also more difficult to install than vinyl. If a home has all-wood flooring, the contractor may opt to use wood flooring, since it is a less costly option. It may take a bit more time to install an all-wood flooring system, since it may require a few steps to set the wood correctly. The result is a floor that looks and feels just like solid wood, but costs much less.

Hardwood floors are usually more expensive than vinyl or engineered timber flooring. Most hardwood floors are cut with wax to seal against moisture. The extra cost that a homeowner incurs when installing hardwood floors is due to the extra time required to cut the wood properly and to provide a better seal to the wood.

The biggest difference between wood and vinyl floors is the price. A homeowner who purchases wood and installs it in their home will typically save money in the long run, not to mention the quality of the floor. A home owner looking to upgrade to hardwood flooring would do well to consider the potential savings. To determine which type of flooring is right for you, start by determining the primary room in your home that receives the most foot traffic.