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Capital Commercial Properties – Fairfax VA – Douglas Ebenstein is a subsidiary of Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT. Capital has been on a path of expansion and it continues to do so. Capital has bought into the TownCenter in Fairfax and currently has 10 TownCenters located in three main locations in and around Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia.

The first commercial property of the REIT that was purchased was in Alexandria, which was the TownCenter at the Mall at Fairfax. The new plan for the TownCenter in Alexandria, was to add on to the TownCenter at the National Harbor Mall, which is in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Another point of interest was the TownCenter at L’Enfant Plaza, where a new Starbucks Coffee has opened up, and new apartments are going up. The REIT also has TownCenters located in Arlington, Loudoun County, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Capital Commercial Properties has begun to expand in all three locations and plans to increase the number of commercial properties in the future. The growing trend of building further in the DC area would appear to have started with the opening of the popular Fairfield Inn in New York, which replaced a property that is now being occupied by a popular local pizza restaurant.

Capital has signed agreements with smaller businesses, as well as investors are coming to Capital’s doors. One of these investors is Douglas Ebenstein, who is the founder of Fortis Trust. In addition to investing in Fairfax, Ebenstein also has several properties in Maryland, which have a retail aspect to them.

Capital Commercial Properties has focused their investment on improving the surrounding area and creating an environment that will appeal to both business and residential consumers. They have acquired land at the corner of L’Enfant Plaza and 9th Street NW, as well as land at Potomac Avenue and Seventh Street NW. The shopping plaza is already known as “The Mallat Fairfax”. The land was purchased from the government.

Capital also purchased a large parcel of land that they are planning to turn into open space. The plan is to build some type of sports facility there. The location of the facility will be very beneficial for local children, as it will allow them to have a place to play outside as well as exercise and have fun.

Capital has a long history in Fairfax and had owned TownCenters in Fairfax in the past. However, the recent developments with the TownCenter at the Mall at Fairfax has changed the perception of Capital.

It is important to note that Ebenstein has been involved in the office leasing of commercial properties for years. Capital has been instrumental in helping Ebenstein make his real estate portfolio a success.

A company that has helped Capital Commercial Properties in regards to lease operations is Brown Harris Stevens, or BHS. They also have a series of office buildings located in Northern Virginia.

Capital Commercial Properties has received some awards for being one of the most reputable firms in the world. The company is accredited to the Better Business Bureau and has been for the past year. Since the introduction of this point of interest in the D.C. area, they have added more deals to their portfolio.

The Land & Property Research group in Washington, DC have given Capital a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The company is accredited to the Council for Better Business In D.C. It is just one of many developments that have occurred in the D.C. area in the past year. To see all of the developments that have happened in the past year is to see that Capital Commercial Properties has made its mark on the nation’s capital.

Capital Commercial Properties Accredited to BBB